About us

O.K. Radio began to broadcast 21st September 1995.

The first four years it was mostly music with very poor radio news program that is devised mainly to service information. Changing leadership 1999th the new concept has been adopted which is the backbone of a news program that is soon greatly improved. That year he was employed by a number of journalists and began their training and specialization courses in the country and the world, resulting in the formation of one of the strongest editorial in the local media scene in Serbia. Soon, the radio becomes a leader in information to an undeveloped area south of Serbia with the aim of creating a modern civil society and propagating the idea of ​​modern European orientation.

Today O.K. worked fast, reliable and urban radio stations that program content is fighting against all kinds of trash. Broadcast only music by 80-year refreshed the current hits. Through informative program O.K. radio covers all the happenings in the seven municipalities of southern Serbia. O.K. central radio broadcast "Journal" in its production, short "news" on every full hour and a "News Flash" on the half hour. In addition, the program has a number of special news programs that treat certain specific topics. This program is defined, it seems that the O.K. worked ten years in a row most listened to radio stations in this area, so that a large number of reputable firms found inters that sounds right on our radio.

As a professional medium, O.K. worked in the previous period was a reliable partner of many donor organizations that have helped in its development. These are: SHC (Swedish Helsinki Committee) - Sweden, Medienhilfe - Switzerland, OSI (Open Society Institute) - USA, USAID, IREX - USA, PRESS NOW - Netherlands, NPA (Norwegian People's Aid), MDLF (Media Development Loan Fund) -USA, NED (National Endowment of Democracy) - USA, the French Government, Finland's Embassy in Belgrade, the Serbian Ministry of Culture.

By the year 2000 O.K. he was involved in anti-regime campaign, after a change of government is not inclined toward any political option, but stayed true to the independent and professional information.

O.K. worked ANEM member and official partner for the BBC South Serbia.


O.K. radio wants to be achieved and the quality of the program's content even closer to the audience and thus keeps the position as the leading electronic media in southern Serbia.
O.K. radio wants to be as financially independent as possible and that their activities financed from own resources, without the support of donors, which will be realized more aggressive marketing approach and ongoing actions to improve sales.

Editorial policy

Independent and professional information, European orientation, pacifist attitudes, work on building a modern civil society, respect for all ethnic and religious communities and respect for diversity.


Mission O.K. Radio is a leading broadcaster in the south of Serbia, through the range of its activities, promotes the idea of a modern civil society and increases awareness of the listener. This will be achieved through a variety of topics of the program, conceived to inform, entertain, and a balance of diversity, which arises from the specific structure of the people who live in these areas.